eLocity A7+ (A7-004) Performance Benchmark Test


I did a performance test on the tablet today. Here’s a (sped up) video on that- it landed up getting 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5.

By the way, that channel (6Leinad) is where I will be uploading my videos on the A7+.


The Start – Welcome!

This is a blog by 6Leinad6 (you can call me Dan or something less… username-y) dedicated to bringing potential buyers, electronics enthusiasts, Android users, and whoever else might stop buy the most in-depth look possible at the eLocity A7+ Android tablet.


I am starting this blog because I could NOT, for the life of me, find ANY reviews or videos about the A7+. I actually almost didn’t buy it because almost every link I clicked led me to a review on the A7 (without the +, mind you), which is a different tablet with quite a few problems. This blog will hopefully stop the spread of misinformation that I was subject to. That misinformation is mainly the fault of Stream TV Networks and the site I bought the A7+ from. Amazingly poor advertising and little to no references to the + in the name could make any non-experienced reader think that they were reading about the A7, not the A7+.

Every day (hopefully) for the next three weeks (or until there is nothing left to cover) I will be uploading a small report on my experiences with the eLocity A7+. Sometimes, probably Mondays or Fridays, I will post a video showing any tricks or modifications I’ve done to the tablet. These posts will contain images, links, tutorials (or links/excerpts to/of tutorials), and reviews.

Current Status

As of 12:35 PM, August 5th, 2012 I do not physically have the tablet. It’s projected arrival date is… well it’s the eighth or ninth, but I bought it off eBay and we all know how slow free shipping can be. Whilst I am waiting for the arrival of my baby-I-mean-tablet, I will post some history and facts that will show the on-paper specs.