Overview of the device’s hardware

Here are the hardware pictures I’ve taken so far.

The front of the device. There are three soft buttons to the right- Back, Home, and Menu. There is NO search key or volume key, which is a downer. The soft keys do not light up, so they are relatively hard to operate in the dark. The company name is displayed at the bottom, beneath theĀ  touch screen. In the upper left corner is the camera (webcam) and the light sensor. The light sensor doesn’t show up in these photos, but it is there. At the top, slightly to the left middle is the microphone.

The right side (the side with the soft buttons) only has one stereo speaker.

The left side of the device (the side with the camera) has the power button, power indicator, USB, HDMI, and the other stereo speaker. The power indicator is green when the device is ON and Charged. It is Yellow if the device is being charged and off, or if the device’s battery is low. The USB and HDMI have a plastic cap. The USB port is USB 2.0, and I believe that the HDMI port is full-sized. The USB port does NOT act as a gateway between a computer and the eLocity A7+ (at least without some modifications). You can plug a mouse, a keyboard, and (almost) any normal usb storage device. It acts as a SD card slot does on other devices-“unmounting” is the same as “safe removal”.

The bottom (or front, depending on how you look at it) houses the 19v DC IN port and… two really strange circles. I think they may be for docs or add-ons, but I can’t be sure. The Quick Start Guide says nothing about these.

The top of the device holds the 3.5 mm headphone/audio jack and the Micro SD/SIM card slots. Having a cap over the audio jack sucks sometimes, but I suppose it isn’t that important. The Micro SD card slot works just like a normal one, no changes. I have not used the SIM card slot, so I can’t offer any explanation or information on how that works.

The back of the A7+ is a little boring. It has a shiny, glossy tab across the top with the logo on the top left – it’s a fingerprint magnet, but not as bad as the chrome backing on a iPod or similar devices.. In the middle of the shiny glossy tab is the reset button. You need a pin or a pen to use it. Other than the glossy tab, the back has a really nice matte finish that feels slightly rubbery to the touch, yet still plastic smooth. Towards the middle bottom is the FCC/Logo/Device information…Nemko…text…thing. I don’t know what to call it.

The overall feel of the tablet is actually really nice. There are a couple of problems though:
1) On the front, the glass beneath the eLocity logo is slightly pushed out. Pushing down on the glass will actually push it in, but then it bends back up. It seems like there is something beneath the glass down there that causes it to stick up a little. It isn’t that noticeable.
2) The matte finish is really nice, but it heats up when the A7+ is being put though intense use. Usually phones/tablets feel a little warm, but the backing on the + actually gets moderately hot. It’s not so bad as to make me return it or anything, just something I noticed.

The caps are nice when you aren’t using the ports, but when you are using the ports, the caps are incredibly annoying. If I removed the caps manually, there would be some really awkward indents along the sides.

I am quite happy with the look and feel of the eLocity A7+. It’s sleek, modern, nice looking, and easy to grip. More about the software side is coming soon!


Device Obtained

I just got back from…where I needed to be in the last three days, and the eLocity A7+ was ready to go. Updates will be coming shortly. Currently I am modding the device with the CyanogenModPlus ROM, so the next few posts will not have anything to do with the camera because Dexter hasn’t bothered to update his ROMs in awhile. -.-