Device hardware dimensions

Here are the technical specifications of the hardware.

These pictures and measurements are “unprofessional”, to say the least, so don’t go making a skin-tight case based on measurements by my rulers and digital caliper.


Device Obtained

I just got back from…where I needed to be in the last three days, and the eLocity A7+ was ready to go. Updates will be coming shortly. Currently I am modding the device with the CyanogenModPlus ROM, so the next few posts will not have anything to do with the camera because Dexter hasn’t bothered to update his ROMs in awhile. -.-

Price, Lether Case

To be honest, right now I’m pretty ticked off. Only one week after I bought the eLocity A7+ from 1 Sale a Day, they “relisted” the item and are selling it not only $10 cheaper, but with a free “Leatherette Case”. I bought the A7+ quickly because I have bought from 1SaD before, and I thought that it would only be available for ONE DAY. Obviously I got a little bit ripped off.

The Buy

How I Discovered It:

I was hanging around Liliputing, when I stumbled across a daily deals page that had a link to a page that was selling an “eLocity 7″ Android Tablet w/ 1.2GHz Tegra II Processor, 4GB Memory!” for $100. At first I was super exited, because this was the first tablet that had none of the cons that had stopped me from buying tablets before; fast processor, 512mb RAM, decent internal storage, capacitive multitouch, Flash, and a SUPER low price. (for the value, at least).

I did some research, and got more disappointed the more I learned. The description had “A7”, no “+” in the name at all, so that’s what I was searching for. Yet after taking a closer look at the screen resolution, the “multitouch”, and the model number (004) I realized that this was actually the A7+. After I figured that out I tried to look for reviews, and couldn’t find any really in-depth ones, but bought the tablet anyways. I mean, for $100 that thing is quite the deal. Of course, I weighed the signs that it was the A7 and that it was the A7+:

A7 Signs: Description was copy-pasted from somewhere on the eLocity web page for the A7, “Package Includes: eLocity 7″ Touchscreen Tablet”

A7+ Signs: “7” capacitive touch display (1024×600) (Resolution)”, “Model: A7-004”, and the picture.

The Shifty Part:

Among the stats and features I found “Android App Market access with thousands of apps available”. Now, every single site I’ve checked says that it does NOT actually come with the Android Market. So as far as I’m concerned, this “feature” is phony.


It says that the tablet usually ships “Estimated within 3-12 business days”, and that “Items ship within 1-2 business day of purchase”. It has been six days so far- bought it on the 2nd, 4th is the max for processing and getting it shipped (5th is a Sunday), so that leaves 4 days of shipping time. I bought the eLocity A7+ from 1 Sale a Day on Ebay. They are notorious for super-slow shipping on their mother site, but they are known for fast shipping on Ebay.

The Start – Welcome!

This is a blog by 6Leinad6 (you can call me Dan or something less… username-y) dedicated to bringing potential buyers, electronics enthusiasts, Android users, and whoever else might stop buy the most in-depth look possible at the eLocity A7+ Android tablet.


I am starting this blog because I could NOT, for the life of me, find ANY reviews or videos about the A7+. I actually almost didn’t buy it because almost every link I clicked led me to a review on the A7 (without the +, mind you), which is a different tablet with quite a few problems. This blog will hopefully stop the spread of misinformation that I was subject to. That misinformation is mainly the fault of Stream TV Networks and the site I bought the A7+ from. Amazingly poor advertising and little to no references to the + in the name could make any non-experienced reader think that they were reading about the A7, not the A7+.

Every day (hopefully) for the next three weeks (or until there is nothing left to cover) I will be uploading a small report on my experiences with the eLocity A7+. Sometimes, probably Mondays or Fridays, I will post a video showing any tricks or modifications I’ve done to the tablet. These posts will contain images, links, tutorials (or links/excerpts to/of tutorials), and reviews.

Current Status

As of 12:35 PM, August 5th, 2012 I do not physically have the tablet. It’s projected arrival date is… well it’s the eighth or ninth, but I bought it off eBay and we all know how slow free shipping can be. Whilst I am waiting for the arrival of my baby-I-mean-tablet, I will post some history and facts that will show the on-paper specs.