You can find de…

You can find details and updates on the Honeycomb ROM that Jam4 is working on here:

Make sure you add the http:// in front, otherwise it won’t load.

He posted “I have the camera up/running, zero problem with the accelerometer, the tablet talking to Google Play as the original Compal device that it is derived from and a few other “oddities” sorted. Now all I need to do is get sleep working right and some power management functional and I will be putting the rom up for initial testing.”
 – That was on September 12th


5 thoughts on “You can find de…

  1. Thanks for your posts. All this info is definitely going to help someone on a purchasing decision.

    Have you continued to work with this tablet? Are you using a custom ROM? I just use stock ROM w/ Market. Today I think I’m going to try the Evilocity ROM again to see if it’ll let the device play NBA League Pass Mobile games.

    • I’m not using a custom ROM right now because I was waiting for Jam4 to finish the ICS or Honeycomb ROM…but it appears that he stopped development. I might install Evilocity or something else in the near future.

      • Evilocity didn’t seem to do anything the default ROM with GAPPS couldn’t. But I’m still playing around with the Honeycomb ROM. This would be terrible for me to give to someone else (which is what I’ve done with Elocity A7+’s in the past), but it’s plenty fun for me to mess around with.

    • Hey I still have one of these that’s running the stock firmware unrooted. Is there a way to get xbmc or icefilms app to stream movies? I’ve got the icefilms app but it doesn’t resolve the links.

      • I’ve got no experience with XBMC, although I’ve heard all about it. I would try to root the tablet and modify some properties files first, then try to flash a new ROM. You shouldn’t be asking me, though. XBMC not working is XBMC’s problem with android 2.2, not necessarily the tablet. Good luck though!

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