Leather Case (Continued)

I bought a leather case with a keyboard attached for about 10 bucks on Amazon. Here’s some photos.


Here is the overall case.


The keys ARE mechanical. They feel very nice. Pressing them down takes little to no effort. The only problem I have with the keys is the Escape and Delete keys. They get stuck on the corers of the “leather”. I had to take a sharp knife and push the corners back so that the keys did NOT get stuck.

The tablet fits in nicely, as the top hook is on some sort of elastic band that stretches to fit (I assume) many different sizes of 7inch tablets.

Here are the rest of the photos:



One thought on “Leather Case (Continued)

  1. I got this keyboard too. I use it with the External Keyboard Helper Pro . You can map the keyboard key ie to back button, home, volume etc. Really nice apps

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