Device hardware dimensions

Here are the technical specifications of the hardware.

These pictures and measurements are “unprofessional”, to say the least, so don’t go making a skin-tight case based on measurements by my rulers and digital caliper.


2 thoughts on “Device hardware dimensions

  1. I purchased this on a whim from ebay since it has full size USB host and HDMI. I want to use it as a TV PC with wireless mouse and keyboard. There is not a lot of info on the A7+. How easy is it to flash new roms to the unit? How well does it play video? Any other thoughts on your purchase?

    • How easy is it to flash new ROMs?
      Pretty easy. If you’ve ever done anything like rooting and flashing ROMs before, it’s really just the same simple process as everything else. Installing the newest version of the Android market (Google Play Store) is also really easy- you can do it all from the device and a USB flashdrive.
      BUT. There are currently only three ROMs available for the +. Each one has its problems. Check out the XDA and TabletRoms forums if you haven’t already. Just make sure you know what you are doing! I almost bricked my tablet when reverting back to stock.

      How well does it play video?
      Really well, for what I’ve done with it. The quality, smoothness, etc really all rely on your internet connection if you are streaming the video. If you are playing a video on the device, it works pretty well. The trailers that came with the + ran smoothly and without flaws.

      Thoughts on your purchase?
      I am quite satisfied with my purchase, although it really sucks that the original stock firmware is 2.2- a lot of apps won’t install from the Play store. I can sometimes find alternates, or the apk files elsewhere on the internet and install them that way, but if you really want great application support then you’ll have to sacrifice the camera/volume in the status bar and get the Cyanogen Mod Plus from Dexter.

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