The Buy

How I Discovered It:

I was hanging around Liliputing, when I stumbled across a daily deals page that had a link to a page that was selling an “eLocity 7″ Android Tablet w/ 1.2GHz Tegra II Processor, 4GB Memory!” for $100. At first I was super exited, because this was the first tablet that had none of the cons that had stopped me from buying tablets before; fast processor, 512mb RAM, decent internal storage, capacitive multitouch, Flash, and a SUPER low price. (for the value, at least).

I did some research, and got more disappointed the more I learned. The description had “A7”, no “+” in the name at all, so that’s what I was searching for. Yet after taking a closer look at the screen resolution, the “multitouch”, and the model number (004) I realized that this was actually the A7+. After I figured that out I tried to look for reviews, and couldn’t find any really in-depth ones, but bought the tablet anyways. I mean, for $100 that thing is quite the deal. Of course, I weighed the signs that it was the A7 and that it was the A7+:

A7 Signs: Description was copy-pasted from somewhere on the eLocity web page for the A7, “Package Includes: eLocity 7″ Touchscreen Tablet”

A7+ Signs: “7” capacitive touch display (1024×600) (Resolution)”, “Model: A7-004”, and the picture.

The Shifty Part:

Among the stats and features I found “Android App Market access with thousands of apps available”. Now, every single site I’ve checked says that it does NOT actually come with the Android Market. So as far as I’m concerned, this “feature” is phony.


It says that the tablet usually ships “Estimated within 3-12 business days”, and that “Items ship within 1-2 business day of purchase”. It has been six days so far- bought it on the 2nd, 4th is the max for processing and getting it shipped (5th is a Sunday), so that leaves 4 days of shipping time. I bought the eLocity A7+ from 1 Sale a Day on Ebay. They are notorious for super-slow shipping on their mother site, but they are known for fast shipping on Ebay.


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